The Cost of a Bengal Cat – Price of Kittens

Bengal cats are one of the most coveted and stunning breeds of domesticated cats available.

They are equal parts, wild, and tame. They have a spark of that big cat look in their eye while remaining gentle and subtle. This is why so many pet owners and cat lovers across the globe go out of their way to find Bengal cat breeders to bring a gorgeous new Bengal kitten into their homes.

There are a lot of different factors that one must take into consideration when making the preparations to buy a Bengal cat.

Some of the common considerations are generation rating, the coat type, age, and even the cost of essentials for the happiness of the Bengal kitten.

I’ll take a moment here to try and briefly outline all of the factors you will need to consider, and summarize the average price of what you can expect to spend when purchasing a Bengal cat.

Generation Rating

The most significant appeal when owning Bengal cats is the wildness that comes along with it. Bengals cats are the result of crossbreeding a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard cat.

In the case of a Bengal cat, when they are kittens, they will be given an official rating. This rating will be determined based on how far removed they are from the wild ‘pure’ Asian leopard cats. When a Bengal cat is bred with an Asian leopard, the kittens will be considered an F1 rating. This is the highest rating, and most ‘pure’ a Bengal cat can get. Now keep in mind that an F1 Bengal cat is typically not the most desired, despite it being the highest rating.

They are still considered ‘wild’ and are not usually fantastic as pets. When a female F1 Bengal is bred with a male Bengal cat, the kittens will be regarded as F2. An F2 bred with a male Bengal cat will be viewed as an F3, and Finally, an F3 Bengal bred with a male Bengal cat will produce an F4. A breeder will commonly refer to their F4 cats as simply ‘Bengals.’ This is because a Bengal cat is not considered to be a ‘true’ Bengal until it reaches the fourth generation or higher.

As a pet owner, you are far better off purchasing an F4 or higher, as opposed to an F1-F3. This is because they are more domesticated and make for better and safer pets. Now, despite the F4 being the most desirable for pet owners, they are not the most expensive to purchase from the breeder. Typically, in terms of price, the most expensive is an F1 and will descend in price the further down the generation rating scale you go. An F1 rated cat can cost anywhere from $2,000 – $10,000 USD. That will highly depend on the quality of the female, some are bred for pet characters, and others are bred for show.

An F1 male kitten will cost you in the $1,000-$1,500 USD range. This is due primarily to the fact that an F1 male Bengal is sterile and will not be able to breed. As you go down the generational rating scale, the price will drop slightly. An F2 or F3 rating will cost anywhere from $1,500 – $5,000 depending on the kittens’ pet quality, markings, and gender. Males are still cheaper than their female counterparts.

On average, you can expect to pay around $1,000 for F4 rated Bengal kittens. However, there is always the possibility of finding a breeder or rescue that has older Bengal cats that they would let go of for a much lower price.

Coat Varieties

My lazy bengal kitten I bought from a great breeder last month. The costs are high, but this breed is lovely if you get quality. Exprect higher prices and costs.
Bengals are the best. Our lovely kitten, Sandy. From one of the quality local breeders, we love her.

The cost of your Bengal kitten will also much depend on their coat markings. A Bengal cat can come in a variety of different coat types, with their unique markings. Naturally, when it comes to breeders and pet owners, some of these coat types are more desirable to owners than others.

The most common types of coats for Bengal cats are; spotted, marbled, and snow. Among these varieties of coat options, there are a few sub-varieties for each.


Leopard Spotted

Charcoal Spotted

Sorrel Spotted


Sorrel Marble

Tri-Color Marble



Seal Mink

Seal Lynx Point

Seal Sepia

The rarity of the coat variety plays the most substantial role in the desirability of the coat. For example, the Snow coat varieties tend to be the most uncommon, and as such, are the most highly sought after. Bengal kittens with a Snow coat will have a slightly higher price tag.

In the case of Marbled versus Spotted, Spotted Bengal kittens tend to cost more due to higher desirability, even though Marbled kitten is rarer. So you should always take into consideration the coat, and rarity of the coat variety when price shopping for your Bangel kitten.


There are other factors when regards to cost that you should always factor in. Being a Bengal cat owner is not as simple as purchasing the cat and bringing it home. There are a few fundamental essentials that you will have to have to make the life of your Bengal cat happy, and active. Most of these essentials will be evident to anyone who has owned a domesticated cat before. In large part, Bengal cats are not any different than a typical domesticated breed.

So they will still need most of the things that you would come to expect from being a cat owner. You will want to buy:

  • A litter box, with an appropriate size for Bengal cats. Remember that female Bengal cats tend to be between 8-12lbs, and males are between 10-15lbs.
  • Cat Tree. Bengal cats are still a bit more wild than a typical domesticated cat. They love to play and be active. A cat tree will give them something to climb and scratch without damaging your couch.
  • While there is a bit of a debate on whether you should buy dry or wet food, the ultimate choice will be up to your cat. Allow them to show you what they enjoy; they may want a mix of both. Just be sure to research and make sure that the food you are buying has the necessary nutrients that a Bengal cat will need.
  • items. There are plenty of other things that you will want to buy that will make the life of your Bengal cat happier and more comfortable. You may want to buy toys, a bed, a scratching post, and other things. Bengal cats love to be active, and you will want to give them plenty of things to stimulate them throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact number that you should count on spending when shopping for a Bengal kitten. As outlined above, many factors will come into play when choosing. Pet quality is the major one when determining the price of a Bengal a breeder might charge.

Gender, generation rating, coat type, location, and age will all play a factor in the buying process. Overall, You will want to plan on around $1,000 for the Bengal kitten itself, and at least $200 – $400 for extra essentials that will make the cat happier in your home.

Owning a Bengal cat can be one of the most rewarding and loving experiences a pet owner will ever have. But they are not without their own individual cost. If you are committed to being a Bengal cat owner, you should expect to have to pay a decent amount upfront for quality Bengal cats.

Finally, you should always research the breeders in your area extensively. You will want to ensure that you are buying from a reputable and licensed breeder to ensure there will not be any health issues or mistreatment of Bengal kittens on their facility. In the end, the more research you do, the better your experience as a cat owner will be.

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