Guinea Pig Shaking

Guinea Pig Shaking Explained

As a pet owner, you’re always aware of the health and well-being of your little animal. Guinea pigs are smaller animals and of course you want to be on top of any possible problems.

Why do Guinea Pigs Shake?

If you have owned you little guy or gal for any amount of time, you have probably seen a sort of vibration or shaking, and you have wondered what that was all about. Is he cold or scared? That’s what humans do. Not guinea pigs thankfully. The good news is that this shaking means your little one is happy!

Shaking with Joy – No worries!

Purring, wheeks and shaking means your guinea pig is usually contented and joyful. It’s normally therefore a good thing and a sign you as an owner are doing well for your little animal.

When you’re holding them, they will sometimes vibrate their whole body and its sort of the same concept of a cat purring.

The normal conclusion we jump to is that he or she is terrified. I can remember back to my first Abyssinian guinea pig named Toby. I was getting worried that despite my best efforts, he was tremoring with fear. Thanks to my good friend Mr. Google, I was able to quickly learn that things were good. The cat purr analogy immediately made sense since I have owned lots of cats and their purr is generally enough to make us feel great.

Your vet can give you plenty of scientific and biological reasons for the shaking but at the end of the day, know your little one is contented and perhaps even super happy. Well done.

Monitoring Your Guinea Pigs Happiness

Generally, if you keep them well fed, companionship, good food and all the love that would go into owning any kind of animal, you don’t have much to worry about at all.  They’re quite easy to take care of and a very fun and lovely pet for kids and adults alike.

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