Best Dog Wheelchairs in 2020

Our pets are a part of our family. They give us their unconditional love each day. Your pet may suffer from mobility issues, which makes it difficult for them to get around. Today, there are excellent wheelchairs for dogs that can help them gain a lot of their mobility back.  They will be able to enjoy playing and getting around when they use their new wheelchair.

If you want to help your pet with their day-to-day life, a wheelchair is an ideal solution. This is especially the case if your animal is recovering from an injury and need some extra assistance. Just like you need assistance at home when you are injured, your dog may need some support as well. A proper wheelchair can help in the circumstances. These wheelchairs can also help other animals such as rabbits, cats, and so on. They can help your pets get their mobility back.

There is plenty of choice in the marketplace when it comes to dog wheelchairs. It can be confusing when you want to pick out a wheelchair for your dog. This guide will help you pick the proper wheelchair.

Why Should I Buy a Dog Wheelchair?

You can use a wheelchair for different animals. They are for goats, rabbits, cats, dogs, and other animals. All you need to know is the measurement of your animal to get the right wheelchair. If your dog has lost their mobility due to disease, aging, accidents, or an amputation, then a wheelchair is the ideal solution. When dogs get older, for example, they have problems with walking, playing, or even going outside to use the bathroom. In all these circumstances, a dog wheelchair can be at the right solution for you.

These wheelchairs or assistive mobility devices are crafted with the shape of the animal’s body in mind. Your dog will stay comfortable, safe, and happier when they are using their new wheelchair.

We are currently doing the research and putting together the best list of dog wheelchairs for sale on the market. It will be ready here very shortly.

What to Consider Before You Buy

You have several things to keep in mind before you buy your new dog wheelchair. Here is what you should be looking for before you purchase.

Size of Your Dog (Or Other Animal)

There are various sizes of wheelchairs that you can choose from, so it’s essential to get the right size. The weight of your dog, the length of their legs, their shoulder-height, and hip-height are all factors. You need to measure your pet to know their proper measurements. You should have these numbers ready for easy reference. You should measure twice to ensure that you get the right size wheelchair. Use a measuring tape while the animal is lying is this is probably the most comfortable option. You could also have someone hold your dog up in a standing position while you measure them.

Quality and Cost

You should have them look at your budget before you buy it. There are wheelchairs in many different price ranges. You probably don’t want to buy a wheelchair that is too low cost. You want your pet to be safe and comfortable. You may have to spend a little bit extra to ensure that your pet is well looked after. You don’t want your pet to get another injury due to a poor wheelchair.

Well-made models will last a long time so your pet will stay healthy and safe.

Composition of Chair

You should ensure that the wheelchair is well made. You want one that is durable and has excellent performance. You should chair that is quite lightweight, so it is easier for your pet to use. The chair should be able to withstand frequent use.  The chair needs to weather the elements such as sun or rain.

Buying the Right Wheelchair for your Dog

Before you purchase your wheelchair, keep these tips in mind. Just remember that a wheelchair can also help other pets such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals that have mobility issues. When you buy a wheelchair, make sure you’re getting one design for your dog. Your pet can learn to use their wheelchair no matter how old or young they are.

Some models will only have support for the rear back legs. Other chairs will offer support for the front legs. Some models are specifically manufactured to give proper leverage to animals. This can be the case if the pet has weakness in both the front or the rear limbs. You need to understand the condition that your pet is in before you buy a wheelchair.  Talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s issue so you’ll get the right wheelchair that matches their current requirements. In the future, you may have to change the chair configuration to accommodate the new needs of your pet. If your dog has mobility issues in the front legs, you’re going to want a chair that has a full support option for maximum mobility.

Some chairs will offer customization. There can be accessories that you can add to the chair to help your pet get the most out of their new chair. You may have an accessory like a harness that has lambswool. This can help the pet during cold weather. The chair might have a sunshade that can help your pet during the warmer months, so they are comfortable in the hot sun.

Make sure you get a chair with the right wheels. You want the chair to navigate uneven terrain in case you want to go for long walks. Make a note of the material and the size of the wheels. You may want one that has some handheld options like a sling. This can help navigate stairs or steps. You can get wheelchairs that have custom wheels that work in the sand so you can take your dog to the beach. You can also get chairs that are specifically designed for winter so your dog can enjoy the winter elements. Make sure all of these are attachments are compatible with the wheelchair frame. It can also be a good idea to get an extra harness for your pet. You may also want to share that it’s easy to clean.

Dog Wheelchair Safety Tips

Safety is going to be a key consideration when you buy a dog wheelchair. You should check the harness of the wheelchair to be sure that your pet is in the right position and a natural one while they’re in the wheelchair. Adjust in alignment with your dog’s positioning, so they don’t have irritation or pain. You want your dog to be as comfortable as possible when they are in their harness. You want to keep young children and pets away from the wheelchair, so it is not damaged. The wheelchair is designed for your pet only. To help your pet gain their mobility. Don’t leave them in it for a long time or when you’re not supervising your pet. If your dog is left alone in the chair, they could get injured.

Chairs can sometimes get caught on bushes or tables. Make sure you supervise your pet while in their chair so that they have free mobility. A small pet might need to lean forward in the chair to find a good position to sleep in. Do not let your pet sleep in the chair for a long time because they may get an injury or a pressure sore from staying in the chair for too long. If you’re at home and your pet wants to rest, take them out of their chair so they can have a break from being in it. Your dog will probably want to get out of the wheelchair once they have used the bathroom outside or have had a playing session. It’s not a good idea to leave your pet in the chair for a long time.


A dog wheelchair can help your pet deal with different issues. This can include back issues, arthritis, neurological problems, and so on. The chair helps them gain some of their mobility can help your pet gain some of their confidence back, lift their spirits, and let them have fun again. A wheelchair can assist your pet in many ways. Take time to measure your pet, so you get the right chair for them. Speak to your veterinarian about your dog’s issue so you understand the various chair options on the market that can help your pet gain and their mobility back.

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