The Best Dog Grooming Clippers – Find the Right Shears in 2020

You want your dog to look its best and to have a maintained coat. To accomplish this, you need to do periodic dog grooming. If you leave your dog’s hair or fur for too long, then it can grow out, and this will cause mats and tangles. This can be painful for the pet, and it doesn’t look all that attractive.

You may be tempted to take your pet to a dog grooming salon, but this can be quite expensive. If you want to save money, you can groom your pet on your own. This gives you a way to bond with your dog, as well. You’re going to need a decent pair of clippers to trim the hair on your puppy. This list will help you find the best dog grooming clippers since we have gone through quite a lot of them and figured out the pros and cons and listed them for you here.

This list is being updated and will be back shortly with our 2020 picks!

Dog Grooming Clippers Buyers Guide – The Basics

Grooming is essential. You have to maintain and upkeep the hair or fur of your dog. You should purchase a decent pair of dog clippers to help save money and to ensure that your dog’s hair is clipped effectively. These clippers come in different qualities and specifications.

Do I need Dog Clippers?

You may think that you can use regular clippers or scissors to cut the hair on your pet. This is not a good idea because regular ones are a lot different than animal clippers. The canine skin is more delicate and sensitive than human skin. They must be able to trim the dog hair and protect the skin at the same time. Their skin is also vulnerable to heat. The blades need to be calibrated to resist high temperatures.

Don’t want to be sharing a pair of clippers with your dog. Dog’s hair is structurally different from human hair. It’s thicker and coarser. By cutting your dog’s hair with a pair of regular clippers, you could delete the blades. Your clippers may no longer effectively work correctly, and you could damage your hair. You may also transfer debris, bacteria, and other things that your pet is carrying around in its coat to your own body cause you serious health problems.  The ideal solution is to y use regular dog grooming clippers to clip your dog’s hair and to use your clippers for your own hair.


There are several things you need to keep in mind before you buy a set. You want to ensure you have a set of clippers that meets your needs. Here is what you need to keep in mind.

The Speed

The rotary speed per minute is essential when buying a dog clippers. This allows the clipper to glide through the hair or fur with ease. You can get two basic types of dog grooming clippers, including variable dog grooming trimmers and the single-speed dog grooming clipper.

It’s easier to learn how to cut dog hair with a single-speed dog grooming clipper. These are the type of shears you should get if you have never cut dog hair before. The heat up slowly so there is less risk of burns to yourself or your pet.

If you have some experience cutting dog hair, you might want to go with the variable speed dog grooming clipper. They have more versatility and at various speeds. You have more customization when you use this type. If you want a professional result, the variable speed-rate is the ideal choice

Power, Motor Speed, and Performance

You may have a breed that has a double coat, or a thick coat. You want the motor speed to be robust and fast in this case. You want it to cut smoothly when you are trying to cut through coarse hair. If you don’t have one that is powerful enough, then you can’t cut through the denser or the thicker areas of the dog’s coat, and this can be problematic.

You want to know the rotations per minute or RPM of the clipper. This is essentially the rotations that it makes in one minute. When you use professional clippers, you have a higher rotation per minute. On the downside, they will make more noise be heavier to hold and will vibrate more often.

You might not want professional clippers if you are new to clipping dog hair. You should get an RPM that is going to provide you great results without endangering yourself or your dog. If you don’t have a lot of experience, get ones with a lower RPM until you’re used to using them and then try ones with a higher RPM, which offers you more performance.


The rotations per minute will cause the clipper to vibrate. If you have a powerful motor, then they are going to vibrate a lot more. If you have conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome this might be a problem for you. If the motor is too powerful, then there can be too much friction. This causes excess heat, and this can burn your pet or yourself. Ones with high vibration can also terrify your dog because of the loud noise.

You need to find a balance between the speed and the power of your trimmers. This will keep both your dog and yourself as safe as possible.

Size and Weight

Due to advances in technology, clippers are now lighter and more advanced than they were in the past. You can get ones that are compact and also cordless. This helps individuals who have mobility issues with their hands. On the downside, this type doesn’t have the force or the strength that the regular corded ones do. Corded ones are tougher, and they can handle hard jobs such as severe matting of the fur. They can cut the hair or fur precisely. On the downside, they are also heavier and tend to be louder. You need a balance between the weight and the size of your clipper to cut your dog’s hair effectively

Hair Cutting Tips

  1. Give your pet a brush and a wash first. This removes clumps of hair and fur as well as tangles that might otherwise be difficult is it to get out.
  2. Be ready to work with all of your tools at hand. This includes brush, comb, clippers, and towel
  3. If your pet does not like noises, pick clippers that are quieter, so they don’t disturb your animal
  4. You want the clippers to be as sharp as possible before you use them, so you don’t pull on the hair
  5. Take your time and go slowly
  6. Clip in the direction of the hair growth on your pet
  7. Hold your animal while trimming the hair so your pet doesn’t make unnecessary movements which could injure you or your dog
  8. make sure you understand the fur care for your dog breed before you begin
  9. Let your pet see as well as the smell of the clippers before you put them on the dog
  10. Put the clippers on your pet without the blades attached. Let your animal get a feel for the clippers on their hair and skin. This allows your pet to get used to the clippers before you use the blades


This guide should help you find the best dog grooming clippers for your pet. Your dog will enjoy the process if you go slowly. Make sure you know all about them and your dog’s pet hair before you purchase. This will help you get the best model of dog clippers for your pet and help them look great at the same time.

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