Best Cat Trees for 2020

Cats are infamously very private animals. Plus, they are extremely smart and need to be intellectually stimulated. If they don’t have something like a cat tree for scratching on, a place to frolic and play as well as that stimulation, they could get bored. And if bored, a cat could instead tear up your furniture or curtains when they use them to scratch on. It is not fun to have a house where all your rugs or furniture are shredded up due to the cats not having a scratching post as a cat tree provides.

Cat fans realize cats require scratching. Cat trees are an excellent means of providing them something for scratching, perching, playing, napping, etc. Obtaining the top cat tree made for your fur baby could end up being a hard and long-term task since 1000s of different types of cat trees exist.

Obtaining the top cat tree that meets your pet’s needs need not be a hard task. Just keep the size of the space you have for placing one, as well as what your pet likes or needs, and how much you can spend in mind, and it will be a simple process. Be sure to get one that’s sturdy and allows lots of opportunities for scratching like sisal rope, for instance. Otherwise, cats might prefer tearing up the furniture!

We discovered a lot of essential data while evaluating the best cat trees. This list of that data will help buyers decide on which one is best. Now here’s a close look regarding the top characteristics of the best cat trees.

The Best Cat Trees for 2020 – Reviewed

Are you looking for the best cat trees?  Just like a dog, a cat needs exercise and things to do to keep itself occupied. One way you can do this is with a cat tree. Here is your guide to finding the best cat tree for your pet.

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1. FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable – OUR TOP PICK!

FEANDREA 67" Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable Cat Tower Cat Condo Pet Play House UPCT18W

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This cat tree provides a luxurious area for your pet. Your cat will have their own Cozy home where they can play, take a nap, and so on. There are two condos that come with this cat tree. Your cat can sleep in these areas, and the raised edges allow the cat to rest its head. The particle board construction has been strengthened with battens. You get plenty of stability in this tree, and there are anti- toppling fittings for extra security. There are reinforced posts for scratching. These are wrapped with a sisal rope so your cat can scratch their nails there and get exercise. Your pet is going to enjoy this cat tree. You get excellent customer service from the company.

  • Lots of sisol-covered scratching areas
  • Very sturdy for big/multiple cats
  • 2 roomy condos
  • Great company support
  • None! Look at almost the perfect 5 stars average!

2. PAWZ Road 60 Inches Cat Tree Multilevel Cat Towers with Luxury Condos, Fully Wrapped Sisal Scratching Post, Plush Hammock, and Dangling Balls

PAWZ Road Cat Tree Multi-Level Cat Tower Furniture with Spacious Perch, Fully Wrapped Sisal Scratching Posts and Replaceable Dangling Balls

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This cat tree is nice and stable. The bottom base of the tree is reinforced for added stability. You can anchor the cat tree to the wall, so it doesn’t topple over. There are 10 scratching posts on this cat tree that are wrapped. You get different levels, and they are covered with a natural sisal which can withstand clawing from your cat.

Your animal will still be able to sharpen their nails on these scratching posts instead of your furniture. It also comes with three toys, which will encourage play by your pet. There are five levels of construction so your cat can climb to the various levels and look at its surroundings. There is an elevated perch for your cat while it is sleeping. There is also a dangling ball that your cat can play with.

  • Very stable – sturdy base
  • Good scratching post option
  • Inexpensive
  • None stand out – a step below the Feandrea above

3. FEANDREA 58 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Plush Perches, Hammock and Condo, Cat Tower Furniture – for Kittens, Cats, and Pets

FEANDREA 56.3 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree with Hammock, Cat Tower for Large Cats UPCT15W

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This cat tree is sturdy and safe. The base is heavy-duty which helps to keep this cat tree nice and solid for your pet. It is stable, and there are safety straps that will prevent the cat tree from falling over. This is a nice relaxing place for your feline. You get a hammock area and a condo where your cat can nap. There are perches that have raised edges so your cat can rest its head while it looks over the house. The particleboard in this cat tree is strengthened, and they have battens at the bottom which improves stability. The company also provides you excellent customer service.

Pros vs cons: We’re not going to dive into them because they are all roughly the same. This is a product that has over 80% 5 stars and 2% 1 stars which tells you a lot. It’s one of our favorites.The brand itself is great as you can see from 2 reviews up.

  • Lots of sisol-covered scratching areas
  • Very sturdy for big/multiple cats
  • Hammock and a house area
  • Not many, we love this unit as do the exceptionally high number of reviewers that gave it 5 stars

4. CUPETS Wooden Cat Tree Modern Cat Furniture Cat Condo with House, Cat Scratching Post Indoor for Cats and Kittens

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Cat Tower with Large Perch, Basket, Cat Condo with Scratching Board, Beige UPCT051M01

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There are multi-stories with this cat tree. It’s made of wood and has a high-quality laminated board. This provides stability for your pet when it is on the cat tree. The pillars of the tree are covered in sisal which helps to attract your pet to use it as a scratching post. It keeps your cat from scratching curtains, furniture, and carpets.

Since this cat tree is made out of furniture it will match your decor quite nicely. In the kennel for the cat, there are soft cushions so your cat will be comfortable. It will only take you around 20 minutes to assemble this tree and if there are assembly instructions. The base of the tree is nice and stable, so it won’t move around while your cat is on it.

  • Made out of wood – heavy & stable
  • Made to match décor
  • The main complaint is a few people got an incorrect board. 5 stars otherwise.

5. Hey-bro 43.3 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo Furniture with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, 2 Plush Condos, Plush Perches, for Kittens, Cats, and Pets

AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree with Cave And Step Ladder - 19 x 50 x 19 Inches, Beige

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There are two condos that come with this cat tree. There is also a perch hammock. There are toys and natural sisal rope. The top platform has an extra thick mat so your cat will be comfortable. It features a multi-layer structure design. It’s perfect for your cat to sleep, climb, and scratch, as well as get some exercise. The condo areas of the cat tree provide a place for your pet to sleep. There are jingly balls and sisal twine that your cat can play with. The cat tower is made with quality plush material. It’s very comfortable for your pet. You also get anti-toppling fittings so your cat will be secure while playing on this tree

Verdict: We’re not going to dive into the pros and cons here because they are more of the same as above. This is a product that has over 85% 5 stars and 3% 1 stars which tells you a lot. It’s one of our favorites for the price. Solid construction with hammocks, scratching posts and rest areas.

6. Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72" Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture

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Your cat will have plenty of entertainment and comfort with this tree. They can sleep or play around when they are using it. The product is durable and has plenty of room for your pet. There are condos inside so your pet can get some rest. There are some toy mice and a sisol post so your cat can scratch.

The post is reinforced with sisal rope so your cat can scratch the post and not your furniture. Your cat will have plenty to do when they are using this tree. To ensure durability and quality it has been made with quality boards that are safe for your pet to be on. The pieces are covered with high-quality faux fur so your cat will be comfortable while using this product.

Verdict: Very inexpensive. Tons of features. Biggest complaint people have is quality. You want a solid sturdy base and stability especially if you have big cats or a cat that is going to be big soon.

7. New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower with 4 Easy to Access Spacious Perches

New Cat Condos 190209 Large Cat Tower with 4 Easy to Access Spacious Perches, Beige

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This product is made in the USA and doesn’t require a lot of assembly. It’s made from solid wood. inside there is a plush grade carpet. Your cat will also have an unoiled sisal rope to scratch its claws on. This rope will keep your pet away from your furniture or curtains and give them the place where they can get some exercise and scratch their claws. It’s perfect for a household that has multiple cats. Materials used to produce this tree are made with high-quality materials. It’s sturdy, strong, and a safe place for your cat to play around or to sleep. Your cat will enjoy using this tree.

Verdict: Short on space? This does not require much assembly, is simple and not too pricey. You don’t need to build a jungle gym. Most cats will be very happy with the open design.

8. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture Kitten Activity Tower Pet Kitty Play House with Scratching Posts Perches Hammock MMJ01

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Tower Kitten Furniture Activity Center Pet Kitty Play House with Sisal Scratching Posts Perches Hammock Grey MMJ01B

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This cat tree has two large platforms that have good cushioning. There is a raised edging so your cat can look out the window. There is lots of room in this tree for your pet. There are sisal scratching posts that your cat can use. You won’t have to worry about your pet ripping up your furniture or drapes. There are some jingle balls as well as sisal twine for your pet to play with. It’s made with solid construction and has a strong base. Your pet will be able to leap on and off this tree with no problem at all. There is a solid plush covering for the boards so your cat will stay comfortable while using it. You get all the hardware in the tools they are required to put it together.

Verict: Looks nice, but too many complaints about the lack of support with the platforms being constructed of only fabric. It’s cheap and many like it, but if you have big cats, I would be weary of the support issue.

9. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture, 74-Inch, Black/Brown

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This cat tree features multiple elevated platforms. There is a condo area for your cat to sleep. It’s made with a durable compressed wood that is high quality. It is covered with a faux fur finish, so your cat is going to stay comfortable and warm when using this product. There are several scratching posts, and these are covered with sisal rope. This gives your cat an area to climb, scratch, play, and enjoy themselves. There is a hanging toy to entice your cat to play more often. It’s easy to assemble and comes with instructions. Your cat will enjoy using this tree. There is plenty of room inside for your cat to sleep, perch, and simply have fun.

Verdict: Pretty nice and many are happy. It’s inexpensive. The adage, “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. It’s on the cheaper end and people’s main complaint is big cats breaking it.

Things to Know When Buying a Cat Tree

Must I Buy a one? Do we really need it?

Of course. Cats all need to be able to scratch and claw things. Offering them a cat tree satisfies this urge, and it’s simple and not that expensive. A few cat owners might think about declawing a cat to keep them from scratching their furniture; however, it’s excruciating, dangerous, and bad for cats, as well as costing a lot too. It cuts off the first digit of their feet, so it is a horrific option.

Material Issues

Cat trees are made of several different substances. Here is a list of some of these materials, as well as which ones are the best.


Wooden bases or limbs of cat trees are ideal.  They’re quite stable, and if you have several cats, it can hold up their weight and movement better. However, the ones made of solid wood are pricy, and the cheaper ones are made with particleboard, which is not very stable.

PVC Piping:

PVC Pipes are another method of constructing perches or branches of cat trees. It’s a good option, but it isn’t as reliable or stable as heavy wooden ones. It won’t support the weight of multiple or larger-sized cats either.


Carpeting a used quite commonly to make cat trees. It’s great to make a cat tree softer to allow cats a place to take a nap or lounge. If you get one made of Berber carpeting, it’s very sturdy and comfy for your cats.

Fake Fur or Other Materials:

There are also a lot of cat trees with fake fur or phony suede on the perches and limbs. Cats love to sleep on these, as well as imitation fleece materials. These are nice because some models you can take off the covering and wash it in the washer. This makes it easy to keep clean while your cat gets a comfy place to lay.

What’s a Sisal Rope? Why do Cats Need to Scratch?

Already, you’ve seen sisal rope mentioned when talking about cat trees, as well as your cat’s need to scratch things. Here are a few reasons sisal rope is an excellent material for your cats to scratch on. Plus, a few facts on why cats need to scratch on things.

Scratching is an essential and crucial component of a cat’s mental and physical wellbeing. It lets them mark their territory since a cat’s paws have scent glands in them. Plus, it enables the cat to stretch its body. A cat tree lets cats have a way to satisfy this a totally healthy and vital need. Be sure your cat’s scratching tree is robust and tall enough so they can reach up with their whole body to scratch on it. It’s vital additionally to know what kind of cover your cat’s scratching post is made of, and sisal rope is one of those options.

This type of material is fantastic for allowing cats to scratch as much as they desire. It’s also great for the environment cause it’s biodegradable. And it is robust, resilient, and quite long-lasting. Plus, your cat’s claws won’t get stuck on it like they do with carpeting. It feels almost like a tree’s bark to the cat, and that helps them satisfy primitive urges

How big do cat trees need to be?

Cat trees come in lots of shapes and sizes. You should measure where you plan to put it, so you know if it will fit there. You can buy a little one if you have a kitten or tiny cat, but if you have big cats or several cats, you should get a large one that has a few branches on it as well as hiding places. You can get them with toys and other fun options to let your cats have fun.

Swanky Characteristics for Posh Cats

Cats are inquisitive-creatures, as well as being quite adventurous. That’s why we love them as our pets. Getting the correct type of cat tree should, therefore, include a few swanky extras, so your cat stays happy.

Tunnels: Does your cat love boxes or bags? IF so, they likely will love tree-tunnels. These are like a den for your pet. Most cats zoom through them and love to hide and jump out at each other to have fun.

Scratching Post: As previously said, a cat needs to have something to scratch on, and this will save your furniture from harm.

Toys: Some trees have toys that dangle from them like ropes, balls, etc. that offer hours of fun. It’s a vital characteristic if you are gone a lot, so your cat doesn’t get bored. They will play with this a long time, and you won’t worry that they are stressed out and annoyed.

Perches: These are places on the cat tree where your cat can jump and also allow them a place to nap. It gives them a high up place to watch the world go by, and cats love to do that.

Hiding Places: Some cat trees also have holes and compartments that cats can use to hide, sleep, or go into for other reasons. Some cats like sleeping up high, so this is an excellent option for them. It’s very secure and makes them feel safe while resting in it.

Hammocks: A few cat trees have swinging beds, which also offer them a place to sleep or relax. Plus, they can spy on the world as they lounge and rest.

Ladders or Ramps: These items can be helpful if you have an older cat that can’t jump, such as one who has arthritis. Or, they can be great for little kittens who aren’t good at jumping yet and could lose their balance.


These are some of the best cat trees you can get with the 2020 marketplace. Your furry friend is going to enjoy using these products. Your cat will get exercise, a place to relax, a place to play, and it’s going to have a lot of fun. The sisal scratching posts that most of these trees come with also ensure that your furniture, drapes, and other areas of your home aren’t harmed from your cat’s scratching. They will be doing there scratching while using their cat tree.

I hope you loved this article on the top cat trees and will have fun purchasing the top-rated cat tree for your pet.

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