Angel Fish

The Angel Fish or Pterophyllum Scalare, is native to the amazon in South America. These wing-like fish have fins that stick out of the top and bottom of the fish and appear to be very thin with long fins. They can grow up to 6 inches in length and feed mostly on flake food, although their diets can vary. Angel Fish come in a variety of colors but their main characteristics stay the same. They are considered tropical fresh water fish and are quite active when it comes to feeding time and when people are near or around your tank.

Angler Fish

Angler Fish have a distinguishing growth on the tops of their heads that resemble that of a lure sticking straight out of the tops of their heads, thus the name anger. Angling is a way of fishing where one uses a hook or lure to catch prey. This is how the Angler fish survives. The Angler is a spiny bone fish that appears very sharp and dangerous. Most Angler Fish are bottom dwellers while others live in the open.


Clown Fish are one of the most popular saltwater fish on the market. This is probably because it has been made into a lovable character whose side kick was a goofy. Clownfish come in a variety of colors including the orange, white and black striped clownfish we have grown to love. If you purchase a Clownfish, we also suggest that you purchase a Sea Anemone for your tank because the two go hand-in-hand. The sea anemone provides shelter for the clownfish while the anemone feeds off of nutrients provided by the clownfish.

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